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This Website is all about the Possibilities.
We have all heard the phrase 'Nothing Ventured - Nothing Gained'
This embraces the philosophy that to achieve anything we must first do.
Not try, mind you. Trying presupposes the possibility of failure. Don't 'try', DO!

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  • About Nove-Noga: When I started building, I didn't know anything about HTML, CSS, etc. I did have a background in programming so, that gave me leg up on many people. Still, it wasn't easy. It seemed like everyone wanted me to pay for information that ought to be readily available.
  • is what I would consider an "organic" site. As I learned, it grew to what it is today, an HTML5, Mobile Friendly (mostly) site using a single CSS Style sheet. Are you considering building your own site? Maybe you just want to know that your Webmaster is doing his job.

Information and Resources

On Converting to Ubuntu
The End of Windows XP

Ubuntu: An Alternative to Windows XP

Making Ubuntu 14.04 Work for Me – The Easy Stuff

Making Ubuntu 14.04 Work for Me – The Hard Stuff

Ubuntu 14.04 Crash-Proof Update

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In Nove-Noga.Info: HTML and CSS,
I invited you to check out the following resources.
HTML Beginner Tutorial
CSS Beginner Tutorial

To Upload your websites, Use this Free
File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Tool

To make sure your page works right.

To Learn about how Google Sees Your Site.

Sitemaps tell the Search Engines Where to Look.
Manually Create a Sitemap

See How Your Site Appears to the Outside World.

Develop Your Own Graphics and Style.
IBOtoolbox PR: Nove-Noga: Create a Favicon With GIMP

If You Don't Have Your Own Website,
You may be in need of Free Image Hosting.

Keep Track of and Organize the Multitude of Passwords.

Hacker Alert!!!

Across the World,
Websites have been compromised.
While I have been able to Clean My Site,
I Believe that Thousands of others were affected.
If you are Interested in Learning More about this problem
And what needs to be done by every Site Owner to combat it,
Check out some of the following Press Releases at IBO Toolbox.
Have You Checked Your Website Today?

Has Your Website been Hacked or High-jacked?

What to do if Your Site was Compromised

Black Friday or Bleak Friday?

Is There An ASP on Your Website?

If you have been affected by these problems,
It is even more important to have a custom 404 page.
Creating a 404 Error Page on GoDaddy


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